When it comes to tracking and measuring complex media information, human intellect is still a critical component. Experienced analysts can analyze data and offer insights that no artificial intelligence systems can. DigiMent Research analysts help you with such reliable monitoring and measurement, so you don’t have to.
In short, We Save You Hours for other strategic initiatives!

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Executive News Briefs

Kickstart your day with our analysts curated news digests. Learn every news you need to know, right at your desk, as your day begins.

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Get expert human touch in measuring your brand impact. As an extension of your team, we deliver the exact media insights you need.



With our fully customizable Dashboard, you get the entire media information along with our analytics in a single online platform.

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Are you missing something?

DigiMent Research analysts never miss a relevant media mention! With years of experience and intelligence in tracking and measuring media information, we serve our clients with their everyday media demands. We monitor news, eliminate noise, hand-pick relevant news for your daily briefs, measure your brand impact in media, and write insights for your analysis reports. Thus, we are:

  • Your best and affordable media monitoring partner.
  • An extension of your team which dedicatedly works for you.
  • A fully customizable intelligence solution for all your PR needs.
  • Trustworthy service for your entire PR and Corporate Communications team.
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Zero Coverage Gaps

Our analysts undergo various searching methodologies to pull your relevant content out, even behind paywalls.

No Irrelevant Mentions

All your news is read and handpicked by dedicated analysts assigned to your report, thus irrelevant coverage is filtered out.

Analyst Curated Reports

Select your own custom topics for your report, and we manually organize the entire media coverage around those topics.

Credible PR Measurement

Measurement and analysis is done by analysts with greater intelligence and responsibility, to ensure accuracy and relevancy.

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Event/Crisis Monitoring

Track, analyze, and measure your brand impact while organizing events or campaigns or during accidental crisis scenarios.


current transformer

Track influential persons with relevant titles, industry, messages, articles, posts, and build strong PR and sales relationships.


Data Auditing and Cleansing

Use human intelligence to identify and correct the inaccurate media data, extracted from automated monitoring and insights tool.

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Social Posts Monitored Daily


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PR and Corporate Communications

Track proliferation of earned media, measure your targeting effort, and reveal key insights and ROI of your PR campaign.

Brand and Reputation Managers

Understand your position relative to competitive brands and track product launch successes and campaign-based projects.

Marketing and Communications

Be competitive by delivering your prospects and customers with regular news briefs and keep your brand top of their minds.

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