Forex Trading Scanner Dashboard for all time frames and instruments with no-repaint buy and sell signals.

Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning – Forex-Pin™ using Neural Network.

Imagine you can get a Forex indicator that shows you when the Forex trade volume reaches the most exhausted point. What will happen then? Conditions like these make reversals nearly imminent, meaning you can count on a very accurate buy or sell opportunity. It is popularly known as overbought or oversold which technically speaking is not correct. The market volume cannot be overbought or oversold. But as of today, the Forex industry has adapted these terms and we will continue using them as well.

The Forex trading scanner Forex-Pin™ is not an overbought or oversold indicator but a highly advanced Forex market scanner system that lets you know when the market volume appears to be on the edge, exhausted and boiled up. The outcome is accurate no-repaint trading signals. 

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Forex Pin™ market scanner works with any MT4 instrument.

With the Forex scanner dashboard you can switch between time frames and instruments without opening charts manually.

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Select your preferred time frames and add more instruments.

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The automated installation wizard makes the software setup an easy task. Easy to follow rules guarantee simple trading.

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You can enlarge the video and watch in full screen HD.
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Artificial intelligence Neural Network with more than 5,000,000 data points, self-training and extending daily.

The FX Tech Group company neural network has built-up more than 5,000,000 data points since late 2016. Most of the neural networks in the Forex industry are not having more than an average of 400,00 data points. A deep learning artificial intelligence is only as good as the data you feed. Our hybrid tensor-flow model runs on powerful machines in two datacenter on the Asian and American continent. The computing returns of our artificial intelligence are highly accurate, especially for short term targets between 15-40pips.

forex neural network
Python hybrid tensor-flow model. (code sample snippet)

Available for MT4 by mid-end of November 2018.
Available for MT5 by January 2019.

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